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  • DeSantis Battles Woke Reparations and Queer History in AP Curriculum | 2/2/23

    The News & Why It Matters Feb 2, 2023 | 23:05 pm

    The AP College Board bent the knee to Governor DeSantis and reevaluated its African-American history curriculum. The revised framework took out themes like Black Lives Matter and reparations. This is a big win for states that refuse to teach racially dividing courses that contain critical race theory elements. The University of Utah is under fire for its hiring practices. A watchdog group found that the medical school's recruiting practices were lacking diversity. The Daily Wire[…]

  • Ep 654 | Why Lefty Idiots Are WRONG About YouTube Star MrBeast’s Charity (and Capitalism) | Guest: Kirk Cameron

    Stu Does America Feb 2, 2023 | 22:59 pm

    What does a famous YouTuber get when he funnels his significant wealth into helping the needy? Criticism from the Left, obviously. Stu Burguiere breaks down the strange response viral video star MrBeast received after providing life-changing eye surgery for a thousand sight-impaired people. Then, a look back at Stu's interview with television sensation Kirk Cameron and why his fight to protect our kids at school is more vital than ever. And Kamala Harris once again[…]

  • Testing Positive... | 2/2/23

    Chewing the Fat with Jeff Fisher Feb 2, 2023 | 22:00 pm

    Stop Using Drops… What did she do with them?... They Found it and them… King of the Hill comin back… Dr. Pepper Strawberries & Cream…… Alex Stein coming to Blaze TV... promo code PIMPONABLIMP... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and his movie / 80 for Brady… Gobblers Knob on Groundhog Day… Last of Us…Real Life Deadly Fungi… War by 2025?... Truckers testing positive for cannabis… Pamela Anderson / stories and clown face… Ozzy retires from touring… R&R Hall of Fame new nominees…  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Absurd Truth: It Was My Laptop, So What??

    The Dana Show with Dana Loesch Feb 2, 2023 | 20:18 pm

    Dana can't get over the fact that Hunter Biden admitted the laptop is his Meanwhile, a Missouri dog is euthanized after it got injured getting groomed.Please visit our great sponsors:Black Rifle Coffee code DANA at checkout for 20% off. Hillsdalehttps://danaforhillsdale.comStart your FREE course today! KelTechttps://KelTecWeapons.comSign up for the KelTec Insider and be the first to know the latest KelTec news. Patriot Mobile free activation with the offer code DANA.

  • VERY GOOD TRUMP: 45 SLAMS Gender Ideology | Guest: Tina Descovich | 2/2/23

    Steve Deace Show Feb 2, 2023 | 19:39 pm

    Steve discusses Donald Trump's recent video, absolutely laying waste to the gender ideology movement, and what he'll do if he's reelected. Then, Tina Descovich of Moms for Liberty joins the show to talk about her organization and why the parental rights movement has grown so quickly. In Hour Two, Theology Thursday reviews chapter two of "A Nefarious Plot." Finally, the team plays a game of 3 non-political questions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit[…]

  • Why They Fear Newsmax

    The Brian Craig Show Feb 2, 2023 | 18:23 pm

    Why They Fear Newsmax Thank you to our Top Patreon Supporters! Andrew and Connie, Christine, Gary, ETW, Chuck, Dee, Pamela, Rick, Nick, Wesley, Rome Wisconsin, Macho, Mike P, Paulette, Carlose, Dave, Maria. Support the show and become a Patreon Supporter! The Book Dancing in the River, available on Amazon HERE

  • Left Attacks MrBeast for Helping the Blind, His Response Is Perfect | Direct Message | Rubin Report

    The Rubin Report Feb 2, 2023 | 17:50 pm

    Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, being attacked by Forbes and the liberal media for his “1,000 Blind People See For The First Time" video, where he pays for the manual small incision cataract surgery of 1,000 people; the Babylon Bee’s perfect satire of the MrBeast controversy; and the media silence on Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest liberal hypocrisy surrounding his climate change activism. Dave also does a special[…]

  • How to Get REAL Action on Fighting ESG in Your State | Guests: AG Ken Paxton & William Forstchen | 2/2/23

    The Glenn Beck Program Feb 2, 2023 | 17:41 pm

    Glenn outlines the three biggest problems facing our republic and the timeline required to fix those problems. Glenn urges his audience to overwhelm their legislators, demanding that they introduce and pass fair access legislation. The World Economic Forum is warning of a major cyberattack, so Glenn talks to author William Forstchen about how to prepare for such an attack as they discuss how fast a cyberattack would cripple society. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins[…]

  • Ep. 1660 - If You’re Black And Cops Kill You, The Vice President Will Speak At Your Funeral

    The Ben Shapiro Show Feb 2, 2023 | 16:47 pm

    Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: Vice President Kamala Harris shows up to eulogize Tyre Nichols; the FBI searches Joe Biden’s house; and we examine a line of viral TikTok videos chiding men for glancing at women at the gym. - - -  DailyWire+: Use code DONOTCOMPLY to get 40% off annual DailyWire+ membership plans and watch the brand new series “PragerU Masters Program with Dennis Prager”: Get[…]

  • The Soros Biden Connection Exposed (Ep 1942)

    The Dan Bongino Show Feb 2, 2023 | 14:55 pm

    In this episode, I address the disturbing connections between liberal donor George Soros and the Obama/Biden machine.  News Picks: Burisma-connected oligarch who funded Zelensky's campaign, acting career raided by Ukrainian security forces. Hunter Biden admits infamous laptop is his in plea for probe. A deep dive into the George Soros group trying to protect Hunter Biden. The John Solomon piece discussed in the show which describes the Soros network in Ukraine. From colds to commotio[…]

  • Situation Update, Feb 2, 2023 - An online AI system CLONED my voice! (And can clone yours too...)

    The Health Ranger Report Feb 2, 2023 | 14:54 pm

    0:00 AI system CLONED my voice! 21:43 Interesting News 28:12 Russian Mercenaries 41:26 Food Prices 44:55 Tech Sector 49:20 Anti-war 52:52 GMOs 1:03:38 Thailand 1:05:18 Biden Administration - AI cloned my voice from an audio sample, and it sounds convincingly similar - Beware of deep fake audio clips because ANYONE'S voice can be easily cloned and faked - We now live in the age of fake everything: Fake news, fake science, fake currency and fake[…]

  • Deep State Caught Waging Warfare Against the American People

    Sara Carter Show Feb 2, 2023 | 12:05 pm

    Sara unloads on the intelligence and political partisans behind Hamilton 68. The group was touted throughout the media as the authority on Russian propaganda. However, the Twitter Files recently proved the group simply tarred any account it wanted to silence as being a Russian bot. Sara explains why this is such a grievous betrayal of the American people and how it is actually lethal warfare against anyone with the courage to speak publicly against the[…]

  • The Mayorkas Effect: Horror at the Southern Border | Charlie Kirk with Sen. Ted Cruz

    Townhall Review | Conservative Commentary On Today's News Feb 2, 2023 | 05:00 am

    In this episode, Charlie Kirk is joined by Senator Ted Cruz to discuss the proposed impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. The two discuss Mayorkas' handling of illegal immigration, which Cruz argues is actively defying federal law and leading to increased drug trafficking and harm to Americans. Impeachment proceedings would bring media attention to the situation at the southern border. 👉Follow Charlie on Twitter 👉Follow Sen. Ted Cruz on TwitterSee for privacy[…]

  • Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/1/23

    Mark Levin Podcast Feb 2, 2023 | 02:14 am

    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Brian Mudd from WJNO fills in for Mark. Would Tyre Nichols be alive today if not for Black Lives Matter and their nonstop hatred of law enforcement? The Memphis Police force has been lacking in numbers since BLM and forced hiring standards were lowered to join the force, and even lifted a ban on hiring convicted felons. Two of the five officers involved in Nichols’ death were hired because of[…]

  • Hour 3 - Damaging businesses fueling fire for homeless reform

    The Jason Rantz Show Feb 2, 2023 | 02:00 am

    The Monologue: 1 gun is stolen every 48 hours from parked cars in Tacoma The Interview: Sen. Jeff Wilson (R-Longview) talks about why he is against a Democratic proposal for compulsory voting.The Monologue: Ballard brewery damaged by fire started by homeless person seeking warmthThe Interview: Curtis Houck with Newsbusters stops by talk about media personalities on the left.LongForm: Tacoma Police Union president Henry Betts joins the show to talk the possibility of changes in pursuit law.See[…]

  • Ep 624 | Phil Defends His Sister at a Bar & Jase Once Upset an Entire Bible Class

    Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson Feb 1, 2023 | 20:30 pm

    Phil’s sister Jan brought a preacher to a bar to try to save him before he was ready to listen – and it didn’t go well! Jase once made an ill-conceived illustration while teaching that left everyone in the room reeling! The guys delve deep into the word of God and posit that we must all be broken, like Phil was, before we can be remade as God sees us. Guest Larry Bowles ventures a[…]

  • Fireside Chat Ep. 273 — Should "T" Be Part of "LGBT"?

    Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager Jan 27, 2023 | 18:06 pm

    What should a retail store employee do if she feels uncomfortable setting up a gay pride display at work? Dennis answers this question, discusses LGBT+ pride, and asks why “T” for “transgender” is included in this acronym. He also shares his thoughts on a recent Harvard study about happiness, discusses how the states can save America, and invites us to read his column, “Who’s More Irrational — The Religious or the Irreligious?”: Donate today[…]

  • I didn't want to do this...

    Louder with Crowder Jan 19, 2023 | 23:17 pm

    My response to the Daily Wire: It was never about the money. Here's the proof.

  • The Candace Owens Show: Race in America

    The Candace Owens Show May 3, 2021 | 15:00 pm

    Over the past few years, Candace Owens has had many important conversations on the issue of race relations with a powerful lineup of guests. In this special compilation episode, watch some of the most insightful moments and best discussions of racial issues from The Candace Owens Show. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! 👉 Text PRAGERU to 64600 to receive notifications.