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I'm An American


I had an exchange with someone who really seems to hate who they are and despise my being American.  It's sad when you see people who won't rise above the mud and mire and find what the world has to offer us.  This letter is to them and those who really believe what the establishment tells them: They are weak and victims because of the circumstances of their birth

screenshot 2018 04 21 12 23 29 422So, you're telling me that you think you are a victim and weak because of your race? That really is a sad comment on who you think you are.  I am so grateful my parents taught me that I am who I think I am. no matter my color, my religion, or where I came from.  I am grateful my father took the time to teach me that I am the one who determines what I make my life what it is, not a stranger.  I am grateful my father taught me that it isn't the color of ones skin or where they come from but their character that determines who a person is.  I am glad he gave me that yardstick when determining who my friends are.

I think its neat when I look at my family portrait, it looks like a group photo for the UN. I look at my family and love them so much and do not see skin color, religion or background. Their ethnicity just adds to our family.

I am so happy that I never let who I was stop me from meeting people around the world and enjoy what their culture, country, religion and race have to offer.  I have met princes, heads of state, and leaders of the world.  None of them have said or done anything that would make me feel that they are any better than I am.

I am grateful that my parents taught me that I will be punished for my transgressions

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 in life, not the ones that my forefathers committed.  I am grateful I believe in a God that gives us each and everyone of us unconditional love.  I pray that one day, you will rise above your hatred and see what a wonderful world you have been given.  I pray that you will see that we, the rest of the human race, and love others beyond their color, race, creed, religion or what their ancestors may have done.  I hope that one day, you will see you are an American too. That you will look beyond your

 anger and feel that you are loved and respected for who you are. I feel this is what makes me unique. I am happy to be this way. This is what makes me an American. 

Will you join us? Or will your hate stop you?

Where We Go One - We Go All