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Responders Told to Stand Down?



In this tweet posted by Miami Reporter Brian Entin brings up a whole lot of new questions. The veracity of the information coming out from the Parkland High School shooting investigation is now in question .

We have now gotten information from teachers that it took 45 minutes for Emergency Medical teams to get to the students to help them with their injuries, it begs the question: How many of these victims could have been saved if the responders were left to do their jobs?

Thanks to the failure of first responders to protect our children, we also need to deal with the fact that the police will not always protect us.  In two courts cases, it was ruled that the police have no obligation to protect us. That leaves us in a precarious position of the battle for our guns. It is obvious from the way the Florida shooting was handled, that our guns are our only refuge.  We can also count on the Left to do everything in their power to take away this very last form of protection we have. Our guns.

What do we do to ensure that our guns are not taken away?


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