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America & Universal Healthcare: A Disaster Waiting to Happen



 I found and article today written by Pam Bramman who stated that Americans should just sit down and take Obamacare and that we are grossly informed.  I am sorry to say, but it is she who is grossly misinformed.  It seems that she has NEVER been subjected to Universal healthcare herself. I have.

 I lived in Japan for many years. While there, I was not the typical ex-pat. I did not go to the American Club and hang out with other Americans, nor did I go on tours around the country that had only Americans. No. I lived in Japan. I spoke Japanese, my kids attended Japanese schools, I lived with my Japanese family and obeyed the traditions of our home. I learned to read, write and speak Japanese, unlike so many of my counterparts.

 In that, I also experienced the healthcare system that Japan offered. Needless to say, If found it greatly lacking. I had been misdiagnosed as having an enlarged heart, cancer and other diagnoses that when I came home, were repudiated by American Doctors.

 First, let me give you a bit of my background. I grew up in a medical household. My father was a family doctor, one that many of the kids I went to school went to when they broke their collarbones and their mothers went to when they had babies. I worked in his office during the summers while growing up and got a good grip on exactly what went on when a patient was diagnosed with terminal cancer, or when a patient had a heart attack in the waiting room.

 I moved to Japan when my ex-husband decided he also wanted to finish his medical degree and get a PhD.  I moved in with his family and learned to blend in as best as I could, but found that I still needed the birth-control pills that I had in the US to control the excessive bleeding and painful periods that plagued me each month.

 My sister-in-law took me to the local clinic to see if we could get some birth control there. I was escorted in to a big room that looked like a high school gymnasium with dividers set up to make smaller rooms. I was lead to one of these makeshift cubicle-like rooms and noticed that I could hear women talking to their doctors in the next “room”.

 I was instructed to undress and get up in the stirrups and as I did, I realized that the rooms were set up so the doctor could go woman to woman in an assembly line like manner. Yes, I would see other women in stirrups, waiting for the doctor. After a half an hour or so I finally got to see the doctor and after the usual uncomfortable exam, he and I talked.

 “Do you have endometriosis?”


“Then why do you want birth control pills?”

ID 100139073 I explained that my periods were painful and I had a lot of blood each month and in the US, I had birth control pills to control it. He explained to me that they did not do that there unless I had endometriosis. I was shocked and asked him what they did for birth control. He explained that they had the usual methods and if it didn’t work, then the baby was aborted.

 I was shocked, but at the same time explained the shrines that I saw everywhere that had stuffed animals dedicated to the “Water Children.”

Decidedly upset, I talked with some of my other friends from other countries. One friend from Belgium said that their family pooled all of their money so her mother could get treatment for cancer in the United States. She said that in Belgium, cancer survival was very low.

ID 10035334

 A good friend of mine from Canada recently had an ultrasound which had resulted in some irregular findings and needed to be referred to a doctor. They were informed that it would take six weeks just to get the referral. That doesn’t include the months it will take to get into see the doctor they were referred to. that isn't to mention that there is cancer in their family of the organs involved, and while we don’t know whether they have cancer or not, when there is a doubt, time is essential to a successful result in this type of diagnosis especially when there is a question of cancer.

 When I had my breast cancer scare several years ago, I was referred to a doctor the same day and had an appointment within the week and surgery was the next week with the biopsy results within two days. The exact opposite of my friend in Canada.

 I used to work for a cancer treatment clinic as an office manager. When we would get referrals, we would do what we could to get our patients in as soon as possible and treatment completed just as soon as well. Friends in the UK say that they have had parents die while waiting for treatment, a claim I have discussed with friends all over Europe and found common in many of their stories.

 My sisters sons both wanted to go into medicine. My oldest nephew scored perfect scores on his SAT. He wanted to go into medicine, but we discouraged him because of Obamacare. How many other bright kids are also being discouraged because of universal healthcare and what does that leave us with when we need top-notch healthcare? Doctors like the ones in Japan who misdiagnose their patients ailments.

Most of the doctors in Japanese Universal healthcare system are not doctors, but have the education equivalent of an RN and below.  For the most part this may be ok for simple, everyday things but what happens when health issues become more serious?

 For those who claim to say that Universal Healthcare is wonderful and that we Americans will like it, I beg to differ. I didn’t like having a female exam assembly line style. I didn’t care for the misdiagnosis of not only cancer but of an enlarged heart, which put my family and me though hell until we could get a correct diagnosis from a doctor I knew in the US.

 This is not something that the America needs. Obamacare is not only bad for the United States but is potentially a worldwide concern as well. The author of the article I cited claims that the US is lagging the world in healthcare, but while her studies may claim that, I have seen first hand how those who compile the information gathered in these studies manipulated them to meet their needs and get more grants. I have to doubt the veracity of her study because words of mouth from friends worldwide tell me of how jealous they are of what we have and my personal experiences have shown Universal Healthcare is not the answer to Americans who can not afford insurance.

 Obamacare will take that peace of mind we as Americans enjoy away along with our freedoms (See the article from the Daily Caller below). I, as an American, refuse to a sheep and submit willingly to the train wreck called Obamacare.   Ms. Bramman is extremely naïve if she believes this administration and in her thinking that Universal healthcare is better for us all. My suggestion is to go and live in Japan for four years then tell me what you think.

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